5 Most Important Skills You Must Develop to Become a Better Person

5 Most Imporatant Skills You Must Learn to become a better person

We all want to become the best version of ourselves, however, the thought often leads to questions like, what is the easiest approach, and what are the most important skills I must learn to become a better version of myself?

Here are the 5 most important skills you must have and develop to become a better person.

                                                            5 Most Imporatant Skills You Must Learn to become a better person                                                 

         The Reflective Skill of Self-Assessment

This is the skill that sets the pace for ‘any and every’ form of improvement you desire in life. Reflection and Self-Assessment will help you discover where you are on your journey to becoming the better version of yourself, genuinely identify your weakness and strengths as an individual, determine how you can achieve your desires by leveraging on your natural abilities, and identify where you must invest your energy to experience the results you desire.

Man Know Thyself” Mystics and many profound religious sects affirmed that the simple statement is the first and most important rule for mankind. It is in knowing and understanding yourself that you can truly and genuinely assess yourself and discover your purpose in life.

To get the best result from self-assessment and reflection requires sincerity with the self, ability to embrace the entirety of who you truly are – the image you present to the world and the repressed shadows that expresses itself when you’re alone and without the tendency of being judged by other people.


         The Leadership Skill of Listening

Leadership is centered around empathy – the ability to understand other people’s feelings, thoughts, pains, and challenges, and the willingness to facilitate a favorable change.

Without empathy, it’ll be almost impossible to have a good relationship with people and truly understand what other people around you need. If you can’t understand the needs and feelings of the people around you, it will be hard to connect with them. And as a social being (a tree cannot make a forest) you need to be able to connect with other people, work with other people, help other people and be open to being helped by other people if you must succeed in life.

In short, the leadership skill of listening is a non-negotiable skill you need to become a better version of yourself. Because as you move upwards in life, you’ll continue to encounter new people, start and maintain relationships. Above all, it is only amongst people you can truly measure how much of a better person you are.


         The Organization Skill of Project Management

The heart of every Organization and Project management skill is “priorities”, learning to organize your life and everything before you based on how relevant and urgent they are. This means considering the timing and step by step approach you must take to get to where you want to be from where you are now.

Remember: Reflection and Self-Assessment will help you discover where you are now, relative to where you want to be. 

To become a better version of yourself requires you to know how to prioritize and place value of every action you must take. It also means understanding how your needs align with your wants. (The difference between needs and wants is this: Want is what you are willing to get/acquire right now and need is what you can’t do without even though you can do without getting it now).

In short, to become a better version of yourself you must keep learning to organize your life and set your priorities right.


         The Mindfulness Skill of Curiosity

Yes, you may fail and experience some setbacks in life; don’t let regret, grief, and loss dominate your present reality. And yes, you surely have high hopes and dreams, don’t let wishful thinking of how amazing your life could be steal away the reality and experience of what your life is right now.

Mindfulness will help you live in the moment while curiosity will help you explore the moment and find meaning to it. Be curious! Ask questions about the moment, it could be about how you feel, it could be about your religion, it could even be why you want what you want. 

Embedding yourself in the reality of the present makes you appreciate life as a whole, and most importantly, helps you realize how much there is to live for and the infinite abundance of life.

It’s about consciousness, and it’s about being intentional about how you are living and experiencing your present life.


         The Ritualist Skill of Discipline

Every great and successful person that I know is a bloody ritualist, they put all their sweat and blood into doing consistent tasks that consistently project them towards success and greatness.

Rituals are repeated sets of actions, often, these actions require discipline to maintain consistency, and with consistency comes the progressive positive results. To become a better version of yourself, you must dedicate yourself to performing iterate actions that guarantee success like having a daily learning plan.

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Taking up a daily challenge is a good way to build your discipline and craft successful rituals that can help you become the better person you want to be.



Final Thoughts on Skills You Must Develop to Become a Better Person. 

As you continue along your journey to becoming a better person, remember to let go of the things you can’t control in exchange for being present in the moment, create space for healthy self-reflection, give yourself permission to reexamine, organize, and priorities your values and beliefs, embrace the resilience that comes from encountering setbacks, listen with all your sense, build compassionate resonance and empathy for people around you, and dedicate yourself to constant learning and maintaining successful habits.


Stay Happy & Grateful.


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